A Lot Is Riding on Your Tires

Schedule our brake repair service in Waite Park, MN

Driving on worn brakes or worn suspension is not worth the risk. When your wheels don't feel quite right, it's time to have your vehicle's suspension system checked. Paul's Auto Service in Waite Park, MN offers a complete brake and suspension repair service for all makes and models. Our certified mechanics will ensure your brakes, wheels and springs are working properly so your car runs safely and smoothly.

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Smooth out your bumpy ride with a suspension repair service

Does your car bounce a lot, even when you're driving on a flat road? Paul's Auto Service can repair and level out your car's suspension system. Our suspension repair service covers:

  • Brake replacements
  • Brake pad and fluid changes
  • Tie rod ends and tie rod ends
  • Ball joints
  • Stabilizer links
  • Shock absorber replacements
  • Control arm repairs

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