Running Into Car Trouble in Waite Park, MN?

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Is your engine sputtering and struggling to keep up? A dirty or lagging engine can really affect your car's performance. Get the engine repair service you need at Paul's Auto Service in Waite Park, MN. We work with all engine makes and models, so you can rest assured we'll get your vehicle back up to speed.

Speak with our auto mechanics in Waite Park, MN to see how our engine repair service can restore your car.

A stronger engine will change the way you drive

A stronger engine will change the way you drive

Ignoring your check engine light could lead to you spending thousands of dollars on a new vehicle. Paul's Auto Service provides car engine repair services that cover:

  • Engine diagnostics - We provide a full engine diagnostic service that pinpoints the exact issue and allows us to provide proper repairs.
  • Engine replacements - When your engine is completely dead, we can replace it with a brand new or rebuilt engine.
  • Routine tuneups - We'll check your spark plugs, fuel injector, timing belts and more to ensure your engine is in good condition.

Don't find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Schedule our engine diagnostic service today by calling 320-253-8789.